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In the 9th century Monceau was no more than a little village known as Mons Calvus (mont désert). Today it is here that we find the largest number of private mansions per square metre in Paris as well as numerous apartments oozing with typical Parisian elegance and charm.

Art and history enthusiasts will delight in this neighbourhood, a remarkable witness to 19th and 20th century architecture.

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Inaugurated by Napoléon III, world-famous Parc Monceau was reorganised by Jean-Charles Adolphe during the renovation of Paris directed by Baron Haussmann between 1852 and 1870. The romantic English-style gardens boast a number or curiosities; the rotunda, the waterfall, statues, sculptures and the “Naumachie” colonnade…

Essentially residential, the area is a unique blend of typical Parisian elegance and almost rural greenery.


The Pereire Brothers, prominent 19th-century financiers and rivals of the Rothschilds, were major players in the development of this area considered to constitute the 17th District’s Golden Triangle : rue Fortuny, rue de Thann, rue de Phalsbourg, rue de Prony, place du Général Catroux.

These arteries border a particularly privileged area featuring private mansions designed in the majority by architect Eugène Flamand and bearing witness to the world of high finance.

To live in this area near Parc Monceau was a symbol of success at the time, and today it remains a highly sought-after neighbourhood. Among renowned personalities to have lived in the Golden Triangle are Marcel Pagnol and Sarah Bernhart (rue Fortuny), as well as Rita Hayworth and Sacha Guitry (rue de Prony).

avenue hoche

Place du General Catroux is remarkable thanks to the diversity of its facades both Haussmannian and modern. Extensive lawns feature statues of Alexandre Dumas father and son, and Sarah Bernhardt.

N° 1 Place du General Catroux is occupied by a private mansion, one of the most curious and beautiful buildings in the District: built between 1878 and 1884 in the style of a wing from Blois chateau, the Hotel Gaillard was acquired by the Banque de France in 1919. Listed since 1999, it will in 2018 become the Cité de l’Economie et de la Monnaie.

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